Sale El Sol video + Barefoot Foundation Documentary hasn't uploaded the video yet so check it out here at and the documentary can be found here.

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This coming Friday and Saturday, you'll be able to watch a special virtual concert from Shakira on the Planet Cazmo website. Check it out on Friday from 7pm-12am EST and Saturday 12pm-12am, at

We're pleased to report that Shakira has been nominated for the Best Latin Music Artist award at this year's American Music Awards. It'd be lovely if you'd click here and vote for her. The awards will be televised on ABC in the U.S. at 8/7c on ABC on November 21.

We caught up with Shakira for an exclusive chat. In part one of our interview, she tells us about the new album, Sale El Sol / The Sun Comes Out, which you can buy from your local retailer at . Look out for parts two and three of our interview soon.

Also you should head over to and check out all the pictures from the Bambi Awards and her appearance on X Factor. :)


In recognition of her continuing dedication to improve access to education for all children around the world, Shakira was named as the 2010 Free Your Mind recipient at last night's EMA Awards in Madrid, Spain (she also opened the show, with an amazing performance of Loca and Waka Waka).

For more information on the award, head over to the EMAs site.

(currently the video of her acceptance speech is unavailable but I'll keep looking)

Loca Dance

Following her amazing parking lot encore in Anaheim earlier this week, Shakira pulled some fans out of the crowd to teach them the Loca dance. Check out the film above to see what happened.

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Hey guys. I've decided that instead of updating twice a week with a bunch of stuff I'll just update whenever I see new things I think you'd all be interested in. I'm going to open up the community so you can post things too. As long as it is Shaki related it's good with me :)

What's the most Loca thing you can do when you've just played a sold out arena show in Anaheim? If you're Shakira, you head out into the parking lot and do a surprise encore of your new single on the roof of a car...


First off I apologize for this post being late. Secondly, my computer is freezing up like crazy so I'm just going to post one thing tonight. It's worth your time. It's hilarious and adorable and I'm pretty sure I heard Shaki say "vagina" basically my life is complete. haha So go watch this video of Katy Brand vs Shakira and enjoy. :)

Click here to download or watch on


I've got quite a bit for you all today :) Performances, interviews, pictures. Yay!

  a larger copy can be found here.

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Don't forget to set your tivos/dvrs for Monday night (the 18th) as Shaki will be on Lopez Tonight on TBS and on Tuesday (the 19th) she'll be on Dancing With the Stars the results show on ABC. Check your local listings for times.


Click here to check out our new video showing Shakira discussing the making of the Loca video.

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The Loca video gets its worldwide premiere today! Click the following link to be directed to the premiere where you are... If you're in the U.S., you can watch the video below...



Well, Shaki has been one extremely busy lady this past week, hasn't she? I've got a ton of stuff for you all. :)

The Sun Comes Out Tour continues on! Pictures from New York City, New York (here and here) and Fort Lauderdale, Florida (here and here) can be found at

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Whew! That was a lot of stuff to upload/embed. :)


The Sun Comes Out World Tour opened in Montreal, Canada this past week and while I was hoping for a live performance of Men in this Town, the set list for the tour is phenomenal. A bunch of the classic Shakira tunes as well as some fun covers. I personally am beyond thrilled that she picked Despedida for this tour. It's by far my favorite of her ballads.

There are pictures from the Montreal, Canada (here & here), Uncasville, CT (here) and Atlantic City, NJ (here & here) shows up at

Want to dance with Shaki on stage? Get more info here

Shaki is up for Best Female at the EMA's this year. Vote here.

More info on the Loca video challenge can be found here.

Shaki will be on Late Night with David Letterman on CBS at 11:35pm est this Thursday (the 23rd) so get your dvrs set!

Don't forget that the album Sale El Sol will be released on October 19th :)